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Hospitality Consulting:

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Are you thinking of establishing a B&B or Guest House? Or perhaps you want to open up some rooms in your home to the booming "Air bnb" vacation rental business?


            You have never done this before and although you have most probably researched the legalities and requirements to set up your business, and have made the first moves to getting started, you need advice and perhaps a little guidance on the finer details. It can all be very overwhelming!

We offer a confident, professional, affordable consulting service to help you with finding suppliers, setting up your rooms to star quality standards, advice on housekeeping and guest service.

It sounds so simple, but running a successful establishment takes understanding of the industry and a knowledge of the standards your guests will expect, ensuring that they leave happy, and above all, return over and over again.

We have that knowledge and understanding borne of many years in and servicing the hospitality industry.

If you already have an existing establishment, but things are not running as smoothly or profitably as you would like, we can help you too. You may be stuck in a rut. Sometimes a fresh eye is all you need!

Service is paramount. Quality of amenities (and by this we mean operational stock, facilities and services offered) is just as important for promoting repeat business. You also want your guests to spread the word that yours is the place to stay for quality, service and value for money.

We will help you make the little decisions which you may not have considered; and if you have, then we'll be your sounding board and let you know if you're on the right track. It's a bit like shopping for an expensive new pair of shoes.... it's always more fun if you have a friend to consult before spending your hard-earned money.

Click here to contact us to arrange a consultation.

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